Our state-of-the-art facility near Stratford-upon-Avon generates its own heat and power from UK sourced low-grade biomass wood, making it one of the most energy and carbon-efficient production sites in the UK.

Minimising process waste

When pressing rapeseed, the oil we produce needs to be cleaned and filtered. No micronutrients are gone to waste and process losses are close to zero.

Reducing food mileage

Locating the business in the heart of the country reduces transportation requirements for raw materials and finished products.

Optimised life-cycle

Assessing the sustainability of any food product requires an understanding of its global warming potential (GWP), analysed using life cycle assessments (LCA). These assessments look at all the atmospheric releases from the cultivation of the crop through to harvesting, processing and transport to its ultimate end use. At Yelo, most of our process energy requirements are supplied renewably and we are not using petrochemical solvents to extract the oil. We believe that our products have a lower carbon footprint than other UK and imported sources of refined rapeseed oil and rapemeal. 

Vegetable Oil
Rapeseed oil is heart healthy and

Animal Feed
British, protein-rich, sustainable and
high-performance feed