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NovaPro is a high energy rumen protected protein with proven performance benefits. Produced in the UK from UK rapeseed NovaPro drives intakes and improves milk yield.


Why feed NovaPro?

Unique excellent source of high quality rumen bypass protein
compared to soymeal. NovaPro brings the following benefits to a ration:

Milk yield performance

Increase milk yield and performance

Maximises milk production by meeting the cow’s demand for DUP and improves the efficiency of protein utilisation.

Drives intakes

Drive intakes

The improved amino acid balance and digestibility of NovaPro drives milk production, which in turn drives dry matter intakes.

Reduce feed costs

Reduce feed costs

Drives performance whilst reducing the overall protein content of the diet, providing cost savings on feed and a cost effective alternative to soya.

Similar bypass

Similar bypass protein to soya bean meal

NovaPro supplies a high quantity of quality rumen bypass protein, equal to soya. The bypass protein in NovaPro is highly digestible.

No hexane

No hexane

NovaPro has not been subject to hexane-solvent extraction.

Flexibility in feed

Flexibility in feeding

A dry and free flowing meal simplifying feeding and storage. This makes NovaPro easy to feed in a number of different ways.


UK-sourced rapeseed

Made in the UK, supporting UK farmers and UK agriculture.

Higher energy

Higher energy content

NovaPro has the advantage of a significantly higher energy content (~10%) than rapemeal, due to the amount of retained rumen friendly oil.

Why is rumen protection important?

Ruminants require a combination of rumen degradable and by-pass protein. When using rumen protected proteins, the level of by-pass protein is boosted and animal performance maximised even when rumen fermentation has reached its limit. 

Does it really work?

In a recent trial completed at the University of Nottingham, NovaPro was found to provide:

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Additional litres of milk per cow

Additional litres of milk per cow per day produced compared to a soya and rapemeal extract diet.

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Better amino acid balance and protein utilisation

Better amino acid balance and protein utilisation, with no significant effect on milk constituents.

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Significant reduction in milk urea level

Significant reduction in milk urea level, indicates better protein utilisation leading to potentially better fertility.

Download the technical sheet.

Download the technical sheet.

How is it made?

NovaPro* is created by firstly heating and pressing whole rapeseeds to expel the oil. The residual cake is then treated using a unique and safe patented process which increases the level of rumen bypass protein. The process takes advantage of the ability of wood sugars (Xylig) which, when mixed with Yelo’s rapeseed cake under gentle heat treatment, bind to the protein, protecting it from rumen degradation.
* NovaPro is produced by Yelo with technology licensed from Borregaard.

Want to know more?

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