About Yelo


“Leading the way to a sustainable future through innovation and expertise in rapeseed processing.”

At Yelo, we believe…

…in championing UK farming.

Our production facility, located in the heart of England, will only process UK-grown, farm-assured rapeseed. We support all UK farmers by providing a home market for their crop, encouraging increased rapeseed acreage as part of normal crop rotation. Together we are contributing to improved UK food security, reduced imports and reduced food miles.

…in working hard to be inventive.

At Yelo, we challenge the industry norms of large-scale vegetable oil and animal feed production. Oilseed processing has historically focused on technologies that maximise oil recovery from the seed. We take a different approach, preserving the varied nutrients in rapeseed for maximum benefit in the food chain. Yelo only uses a mechanical pressing process, intentionally leaving some of the healthy oils behind in the solid fraction, increasing the nutritional quality of our animal feed. We innovate, looking at all avenues that allow us to produce high quality products without over-processing.

… we are what we eat.

Food choices deeply affect our health and how we produce our food impacts the environment. Producing safe, healthy and sustainable food products for both animals and humans is our objective. We deliver nutritional performance through harnessing nature. We only use processing aid or additives where they enhance the performance of our animal feed and our vegetable oil products.

Our customers

We supply both our oil and feed products in bulk, for road delivery from our centrally-located facility. For both our liquid and solid products we have dedicated, efficient, food safe loading facilities with fast turn-around times for hauliers.

Our refined oil will be used by food producers in a wide range of products as well as being packaged and distributed by others for cooking applications in food service. Oil customers can arrange their own collections or we will deliver using SCOPA registered hauliers to anywhere in the UK. 

Our feed products will be collected and distributed to the farming community through our partnership with AB Agri, using TASCC registered hauliers.

We welcome customers for our existing products, as well as companies who may be interested in collaboration and new product development, to visit us at the facility and to take a closer look at what we can offer.

Vegetable Oil
Rapeseed oil is heart healthy and

Animal Feed
British, protein-rich, sustainable and
high-performance feed

Our management team


Kevin Ball
Managing Director

Kevin, as one of the founders of this business, brings more than 25 years’ experience of developing innovative new businesses and holding leadership roles in the energy sector. A 20-year career at BP included the development of large scale combined heat and power (CHP) systems across BP’s refining and petrochemical facilities as well as leading BP’s global energy efficiency programme.



Giovanni Quaglia
Finance Director

Giovanni has specialised in financial management in the commodities industry for 30 years. During this time, he was European Controller of Grain and Oilseed Supply Chain at Cargill, CFO for Global Sugar and Bioenergy at Bunge and CFO at Trans-Oil Group.



Carlo Matos
Operations Manager

Bringing with him years of experience gained in the grain, oilseed, food and biofuels industry, Carlo is responsible for plant operations here at Yelo. Prior to his current role, Carlo has played key roles in both new projects and optimisation of extant operational structures and processes in Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria, for companies such as Prio Energy, Nutre Group, Bunge and Oliva JSC.



Max Sheldrake
Commercial Manager

Max joined the commodity trading sector straight out of university as an economics graduate. He also brings his previous experience in soft commodities (i.e. coffee and cotton) to the Yelo team and leads the commercial trading activities, being the main interface with customers.