Rapeseed Oil

At Yelo, we believe we are what we eat. We strive to keep processing to a minimum. We use mechanical pressing to preserve the micronutrients held within this protein and energy rich rapeseed plant.


Yelo oil is GMO-free and produced from 100% UK-grown rapeseed.


The benefits – preserved nutrition

Rapeseed oil has the lowest saturated fat levels of all vegetable oils, and is rich in vitamin E, a key antioxidant which contributes to maintaining healthy skin and eyes and strengthens the immune system. Rapeseed oil contains high levels of Omega-3, polyunsaturated fats - even more than olive oil - and this has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol in the body.

Fats, as found in rapeseed oil, help the body to absorb vitamins and are an excellent source of energy.

The most versatile vegetable oil

Not only is Yelo rapeseed oil one of the healthiest homegrown options available, it also one of the most versatile. Used in savoury and sweet recipes alike, its high flash point means it doesn’t burn when shallow or deep frying, baking or roasting. Rapeseed oil can also be used drizzled, in dips, sauces and mayonnaise.

Our offer

We have the ability to identity preserve raw material batches into the facility, segregate and process separately the oil streams, and, with our flexible processing, degumming and physical refining lines, we can deliver various specifications of refined and crude oil depending on customer requirements.

The quality control and assurance systems employed at the facility ensure all finished products can be tracked back to the raw material batch from which they came, and our positive release system ensures that products never leave the site unless they’re within specification.